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Tim Animation Reel

Animation+Other Stuff

A collection of some of my recent work. Illustration /Modeling /Filming credits: 0:15- Josh Swain; 0:23, 1:06- Chase Velarde; 0:27, 1:08- Ryan Rosenow; 0:49- David Sheldon; 0:54- Michael Wharton, Ceasar DeLaRosa, Angel Negron

Google Mobile Email Redesign


A self-initiated redesign of a non-Google interface to help them look forward to the future- especially with animation and how it relates to interface deign and UX.

Login Screen: Mecha Zero Sion


You'll notice several login screens below. I created these during my time at Riot Games. I take a piece of "splash art" drawn by extremely talented digital painters and bring it to life in a looping animation that lives behind the login input boxes when you open up the game League of Legends. They are used as a sort of advertisement to the players about what is new in the game. Here, we see robots punching the hell out of eachother.

Toonups: A Better World


I animated this in probably 5 days and had a complete blast. The art is done by David Sheldon of Ren+Stimpy fame! Since much of the art was drawn in-pose, it was a challenge timing the movements to help tell the story through pacing and animating to move the viewer's eye around the screen.

Login Screen: Poppy


My next login screen shows Poppy, the Hammer of Demacia, searching for the true owner of her powerful hammer. Unbeknownst to her, she is its rightful master... what a lovely story! Login screens are created by animating a simple breathing loop, and then applying that animation all over the body with offset values and delays through coding. The greatest challenge of this screen was giving 2D assets a 3D feel through parallax and pixel distortion.

Workday Financial: Cloud Power!


I animate to make an audience understand a story - and hopefully delight in it. I had a great time tweaking every movement in this piece to add some life to the subject matter. Check out the businessmen coagulating from their puddle of confusion!

Login Screen: Kindred


In my final login screen, we see Kindred, the patron diety of death in League of Legends. This was my first login screen at Riot, and I had a great time adding details such as the rippling pond and tiny whispy streams of energy emanating from the character's body.

Google Search for Business


I do my best work when I need to learn under the gun. Myself and one other animator modeled, animated, and rendered this piece in a couple weeks- all while learning a good compositing and rendering workflow out of Cinema4D.